Recently I had an incident were I was lucid dreaming and there was a naked women in front of me. I did not immediately wake up until about 30 seconds into it. Could this be interpreted as porn therefore making it haram?

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    As long as you don't have the ability to guide or control your dreams in the right direction intentionally I can't even imagine how this can be haram! However this question has been asked before islam.stackexchange.com/questions/9655/is-lucid-dreaming-haram – Medi1Saif Dec 1 '16 at 11:45

No, having lucid dreams isn't haram. Lucid dreams happen when people sleep. Actions during sleep are not recorded according to the following narration:

Narrated Aisha, Ummul Mu'minin:

The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said: There are three (persons) whose actions are not recorded: a sleeper till he awakes, an idiot till he is restored to reason, and a boy till he reaches puberty.

Grade: Sahih (Al-Albani), Reference: Sunan Abi Dawud 4398

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