The Qur'an says:

And that We have made every living thing out of water [21:30]

Aren't jinn living things? What are they made of? Isn't it a contradiction with the the following verse?

and the jinn We had created before from flaming fire. [15:27]

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No,we already know that angels are made up of light and jinns are made up of fire. The word 'everything' is according to the context of that verse. In that verse Arabic word for 'everything' used is 'kulla'. For example: Suppose you little brother is eating chips and you asked that you wanted to eat some. Then he said I ate everything and nothing is left. Here it does not means that he ate everything in the world but here everything is used for that context only(for chips). Hope you got my point..


I can't help but point out that water is literally produced from fire:

Flames consist primarily of carbon dioxide, water vapor, oxygen and nitrogen. (Wikipedia)

E.g. for methane combustion, we have the following chemical reaction:

Combustion of methane

(Image source: Wikimedia commons)

But I don't think this is the way it's intended to be interpreted. The Qur'an also says:

And We did certainly create man out of clay from an altered black mud. -- Qur'an 15:26

Clearly this does not mean that man is some kind of clay monster. It seems reasonable to interpret Qur'an 15:27 in the same spirit.

We don't view man being made out of clay as conflicting with the notion of man being made out of water. They mean different things.

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Bismilah It’s very good question. Jinns are made of smokes flames and humans/man out of mud. Impurities in the fire makes the smoke. So in another word Jinns are purest fire. As we know black or dark mud represents fertility and excellent soil in the world of growing crops. Almost similar concept is the creation of men.

V21.30 allah also tells as about the Big Bang and how he created every living thing out of water. Don’t get confused dark mud has to contain or be in water to stay in it’s mudy state, so no contradiction there. Then allah gave the pure fire and the mud a life or ordered to be and it was.

These states of originality is where we come from, but it’s not a state we are in right now. Let me explain a bit more. If I make a car out of metal I collected from the earth and the say I created this car out of the sand and soil would you then say no. It’s made out of metal and other materials? Or. Why are we not still a sperm or in state of Leach like creature? Because we have an origin doesn’t mean we should remain that state.
And for more clarity. We all have in our body everything that is in the mud including precious metals. Like gold,platinum,iron,silver. And we know very well that these metals came down from space or was forged in conditions far greater then the ones we see in our world. Hence the saying we made of the same stuff as the starts.(star dust)

Do your self a favor read the Quran with sincerity and open mindedness. I’m sure you don’t read books with preconceptions and judging mind. Don’t be afraid. And may Allah guide us all.

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