Aslam mualykom ,

Does Allah have limitations? As Allah is the greatest, we understand that there is none greater but does this mean that there is nothing outside of his ability?

For example:

Can Allah take any created thing out of the creation with out destroying it or uncreating it??

Or can Allah create another Allah (Allah is uncreated)?

Or can Allah go against the Quran?

This is a thought that was presented to me, if I were to believe that there limitations to Allah's ablity as mentioned above would this be considered shirk or kuffr?


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    Do you believe in Tawheed - the Oneness of Allah- one of the principles of the religion of Islam? If you do, you should not trouble your mind with questions like "Can Allah create another Allah?" – Noor Nov 3 '16 at 15:06
  • That is not the point or the question, the question is not about Tawheed! your comment has no value in this context I never implied or stated there are or ever will be more than one Allah or any more parts to Allah as most Christians believe ie trinity. – Reign Nov 7 '16 at 10:33

Nuh Ha Mim Keller has summarized a number of ideas relevant in islamic discoures here under "6. the absolute and the relative". I don't know any systematic treatment of those questions, but apparently the short answer is "anything illogical is intrinsically impossible, so it does not relate to Allah's qudra (omnipotence)". He claims that that idea is part of traditional aqidah, and although he does not mention which school of aqidah in particular, I think he follows the Asharite creed. The statement is an islamic reformulation of a categorization that has a long history in philosophy between things being possible, contingent, impossible, and necessary, and is not an originally islamic idea.

Personally, I don't see how that's more satisfying than what you start out with, since it basically shifts the question from "can Allah do this illogical thing" to "why would Allah be bound by logic" or "if this characteristic of Allah leads to a contradiction, then how can it be true that Allah has that characteristic" - the later being a rephrasing of "omnipotence is contradictory by itself" (wikipedia has an overview), a thought that is a problem that has been discussed by religious philosophers for a thousand years, and by now the discourse has reached a state where philosophers seem to converge on the question whether "omnipotence" has any meaning at all. To be precise, the word omnipotence seems to have the meaning that qudra has in islam (at least that is my understanding of qudra): if an omnipotent will wishes to bring about something, it can.


Walaikum'assalam Warahamatullah!

Brother, Its good to know things you do not know. And please know that Allah Does not have any limitations When there was nothing other than him, when there was no one to tell HE is Allah, the Lord of World's he existed.

And as mentioned in Qu'ran Sura Al-An’aam, Sura # 6, Aya # 73 the word "Kun FayaKun" which means "Be ,and it is"

I personally think there can be nothing else to prove He is the only one who could do it and no one beside him.

By this we could conclude He, Allah does not have any Limitations, The Almighty of the World's

And Qu'ran is the word of Allah and He never lies.

I would also recommend you to go thru Qu'ran and read it with meaning so that you will understand the sweetness in it.

  • I don't see how this addresses the question. – G. Bach Oct 10 '16 at 23:32
  • ya sheikh my this is not addressing my question, it actually supports it as I already implied that Allah will not go against his own word there for the Quran limits what is possible. – Reign Oct 12 '16 at 16:03

In my opinion, as a Muslim, by just asking this question: does God have limitations? it shows that you have doubts about Him. I have a question, are you new to Islam? Or, it just a curiosity question? If you’re new, I don’t think it is kufr to have this thought. But if you’re old in Islam, then this is from Satan, he wants to drive you away from Islam. As a recommendation, whenever you have this kind of though/ doubts, recite ”I seek refuge from God against the devil” because Quran says, God is unlimited, He’s unlimited Being, He can create countless of times whatever He likes, He’s imagination is way beyond and it is not like ours. He have imagination and we do, but what makes us different than Him? Is that when He thinks of something, He begin To Create and bring to life that thing. But as for us, we don’t have the same power as He does, we don’t have at all. He’s Power is unlimited, infinite! And He can create whenever He likes and there’s NO ONE to tell Him when to create and when not, because He has declared about Himself in Quran there’s no god but Me.

  • FWIW I've seen people who are Muslim born grownups. Yet they have many misconceptions about Allah. There intent is pure...but they lack knowledge. Long story short asking such questions isn't an indicator that a person is new to Islam – Honey Oct 7 '18 at 19:39
  • @Honey Where do you see from me that I have lack of knowledge? And why I have misconception about God? Is there anything wrong I did? – Alex A Oct 7 '18 at 19:42
  • No no I'm not talking about you. Just in your answer you said. "I have a question, are you new to Islam?" ... "But if you’re old in Islam, then this is from Satan, he wants to drive you away from Islam" Can't a person just simply have a scientific question? That we can answer? A question is nothing but a question. I might highlight some lack of knowledge, but the OP isn't making statements.... – Honey Oct 7 '18 at 19:46

Allah is able to do anything that isn't contradictory.

God can create heaven and hell. Can create Sun & moon.

Yet he can't create heaven and hell at the exact same place, same time. God can't make the background of this page to be both white and black. It's either black or white. God can't make 2 apples equal to 3 apples. It's just impossible. So the answer to all your questions are God can't make 2 contradictory things exist at the same time.

What he can do is he make heaven better, he can make hell worse, he make the background of this page a beautiful white to our eyes, he can make the 2 apples grow bigger, he can shrink the 3 apples, but without any manipulation, 2 = 3 is incorrect inherently

  • You probably want to say Sun – Alex A Oct 7 '18 at 13:46

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