Unfortunately I have committed sins. Human is weak, we know this. Recently something had happened which resulted in me turning completely more to my faith (Islam). I am now performing 5x Salah after many years of neglect for one reason or another (and I am very ashamed).

I kept my fast/Ramadan this year, Alhamdulillah, and learning so much more about Islam. I am trying to become a better Muslim and seek forgiveness from Allah in almost every Salah and before I go to bed.

I am worried, tremendously, so much so that I cry hysterically that Allah may not forgive me. When the day comes that I am laid to rest in my grave that I will be tormented because of the sins I have committed.

What can one do to try and make things better for them? How can one better themselves and "wipe" past sins away (if it is possible)? How can one be saved from the torment of the grave? We know that Allah SWT knows best and knows all and knows what we do not know.


you should perform more voluntary prayers as you can make up for them in this way. Always seek Allah's forgiveness. Allah is the Most Merciful and he can forgive all your sins. Try to perform Hajj, because if someone's Hajj is accepted, he comes out as innocent as a newborn baby. Hope this helps.

And Allah knows best.

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