Hello brothers & sisters,

I am from India, belief in single & only Allah (SWT).

I want to know how many salat odered by Allah in a whole single day.

And how many sunnat, ferz, navafil salats in each of salat.

I am confused due to many books & authors answer & there belief differently about total salat for a day and how many salat in each?



Total 5 Salah in a day.

  1. A salah that do before 5am is called Fajar having 2sunnat and 2farz.
  2. A salah on 1.30pm is called Zohar having 4sunnat, 4farz, 2sunnat and 2nafeel.
  3. A salah on 4.30-5.15pm (approx) may different with countries is called Asar. Having 4sunnat and 4farz.
  4. A salah on 7:00-7:30pm is called Maghrib having 3farz, 2sunnat and 2nafeel.
  5. A salah on 8:30-9:00pm is called Isha having 4sunnat, 4-farz, 2sunnat, 2nafeel, 3witar-wajib and 2 nafeel.
  • I think the times you posted are irrelevant, as the prayer times depend on where you are! – Medi1Saif Aug 8 '16 at 9:59

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