I am a 24 years old guy and have been working in Software Industry for the past 2 years.

I don't know what other details to put in this question! but, is it parent's obligation to pay for my marriage? What does Islam says?


I think once you are mature and could earn for your living you are responsible. And paying for your marriage is a way to show you are able to be in charge for your wife and family. And your parents can assist you and even more.

Note that some madhabs consider the fact that a husband is able to be in charge for his wife (and family) as a very important condition for the marriage to stay strong. And consider the opposite as a possibility for the wife to ask for divorce (See my answer here)!

As there's no rule in Islam AFAIK saying parents must do so until a certain age. They are not asked to pay for your marriage. Therefore it wouldn't be their duty by shari'a. But they still are free to do so,as it is their son and they might want to help him and want him to be happy etc..
Anything else would be a culture related matter and not directly related to Islam.


Is it the parents' responsibility to pay for the boy's marriage? Marriage is one of the basic issues of human life. The role of the father in preparing the marriage of the children and the duty of the child in preparing the marriage of the parents should be discussed in two ways: 1. From the moral point of view, it can be said that one of the important moral duties of parents towards their children They are. 2. From the jurisprudential point of view; Therefore, it is not obligatory for any of them to make arrangements for another marriage.

  1. Moral duty: The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said: "The child has three rights over the father: first, choosing a good name, second, writing, writing and literacy, and third, marriage, when the child is an adult." [3] This narration is clearly used that the father's moral duty is to provide all the grounds for his son's marriage to the best of his ability and to help him choose a worthy wife and form a warm family center, and if he can in this regard. He has not even done a small step and has not fulfilled his moral duty, unless he has an excuse before God.
  2. Jurisprudential duty: From the jurisprudential point of view, the jurists are of the opinion that it is not obligatory on the father to prepare the ground for the marriage of the child, although this is mustahab on both sides, If you become ill, it is obligatory as a precaution to prepare for marriage. (4) [3]. Bihar Al-Anwar, Vol. 6, 24, Mahjat Al-Bayda, Vol. 2, p. 66.

(4)Ref: http://www.islamquest.net/fa/archive/question/fa7949

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