There's this girl (19 years) who loves me so much & its innocent love and I mean it, it can't lead to Zina because we only text we don't see each other & if we want it would be around people. Oneday I freaked out and I thought even this is haram so I'm not talking to her, and another reason is because I don't have the same feelings & I was scared to leave her in the future, she loves me more than I do, but now we are both broken & waiting for time to heal us & I feel like she was my home and now I'm lost. I tried to pray "Istikhara" for Allah if I should keep her or not but I didn't get anything. Our relationship lasted for 4 years. Should I stay like this or try to talk to her? Is feeling tired & broken normal? I'm only scared to let go something God wants for me, what If she was a gift for me? Thank you so much. I appreciate it if you can give me a good answer to relieve me :)

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If the Istikhara turned out neither good or bad, then you need to think of the decision on your own. Think of everything bad about having her, then think about everything good of having her. If you have more reasons to have her than not have her, then you should have her.

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    This answer is not related to Islam ! it's just your opinion ! – Arman Malekzadeh Jul 16 '16 at 8:59
  • @ArmanMalekzade Nope. You're wrong. He wants guidance to his istikhara – Abِ Jul 16 '16 at 9:01

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