I'm married. I have noticed that sometimes drops come out of my penis like transparent water when I hug my wife or kiss her. Do I have to take a bath after this or my clothes become unclean?


Take a look at this Post what you describe is madhiy المذي and and no you don't need to perform ghusl, but might clean your cloths and wash your private parts and re-do your wudu'.

Note that madhiy is considered as unclean like urine, but it doesn't break the fast (see for example this fatwa).

The major difference between many (sperms) and madhiy is that you might not feel madhiy coming out as it might come out without real arousal.

And Allah knows best!

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There are four kinds of watery substance which come out of human body. 1) Urine 2) Madhiyy 3) Vadhiy 4) Maniyy. From these, you have to take bath only for the 4th one Maniyy. As far as your question is concerned, the drops come out while kissing and hugging your wife are not Maniyy because watery substance that leaves your body while playing with your wife is Madiyy. Madiyy is a Impurity so you have to clean your dress.

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It is called pre-cum (with the medical term being more complex) and it comes out because you are sexually aroused.

This liquid is supposed to come out during sex to make the head of the penis smooth (as you might have realised how slippery it is)

Using this logic, yes, it does make you unclean and certainly breaks your ablution (wudhu/wazu). It might break the fast as well although I am not certain of this.

PS: if hugging and kissing alone getting you pre-cum you should be consult a doctor.

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