I love a girl. Don't know how much she loves me. But she has a little bit of affection for me, I know. We were in a relationship. But some facts come and it is now impossible to be with her. While we were in relationship I thought we are not doing the right thing. But couldn't prevent myself from this.

Now my heart desires to be with her as her husband. So I make dua to Allah. I pray like, Allah please accept her as my righteous wife. Give us a happy life. And all the difficulties that have arisen please make them easier to face. Please make the way easy.

I want no more sin with her. I regret that I did a lot of sin. Will Allah listen to me? Or are the duas correct? Are they prohibited? Or can anyone give me any good suggestion?

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Asking for something halal isn't prohibited at all.

Just keep repenting, say astagh-fer-allah hundreds of times a day,he would help you ISA

Ask him ,if she is right for you, help you marry her, otherwise if isn't ask to make you forget about her and full your hert with satisfaction about Allah choice.

Trust me I have tried, I have forgotten her immediately after finding she isn't suitable for me and something wrong about her.

Don't despair at all

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