Is there any evidence that Isa (a.s.) wrote the Injeel in book form? Because it seems that Allah has already gave him the Injeel when he was a baby.

[Jesus] said, "Indeed, I am the servant of Allah . He has given me the Scripture and made me a prophet.

Quran 19:30

Isa (a.s.) said this as a baby after his mother gave birth to him and took him to her people. So I was thinking that Allah put the revelations in his mind beforehand and the Injeel was never actually written.

This whole time the Injeel was just memorized inside Isa's mind. If the Injeel was actually a written text, don't you think someone would have found it by now? Instead, people keep finding very old un-canonical gospels written by Isa's disciples. No one ever finds the actual Injeel or what some people call "The Gospel of Jesus".

I could be wrong but I think the Injeel was in Isa's mind this whole time....not in actual text.


Those who follow the Messenger, the unlettered prophet, whom they find written in what they have of the Torah and the Gospel, who enjoins upon them what is right and forbids them what is wrong and makes lawful for them the good things and prohibits for them the evil and relieves them of their burden and the shackles which were upon them. So they who have believed in him, honored him, supported him and followed the light which was sent down with him - it is those who will be the successful.

Quran 7:157

In reference to the "Injeel" or "Gospel" that is being referenced by Muhammad, he believed it was available during the time when he existed. The problem that arises is that every piece of historical evidence we have points to the manuscripts that the Christian New Testament is translated from today. There is no historical evidence anywhere for there being a written gospel different than what is available in the New Testament today.

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  • "Whatever Muhammad was talking about" - Could you elaborate? – Kilise May 26 '17 at 10:39
  • Yes, in 7:157 it says "whom they find written in what they have of the Torah and the Gospel". Muhammad was talking about what was currently available that was written in the Torah and the Gospel. This injeel is what I was referring to when I said "Whatever Muhammad was talking about". – Joel May 26 '17 at 10:48
  • Are you answering from an Islamic point of view? – Kilise May 26 '17 at 10:50
  • I am answering from a historians point of view. – Joel May 26 '17 at 10:51
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