Is violence especially discouraged during Ramadan?

I've heard people talk about Ramadan as a month that's meant to be peaceful, but I'm worried that they may be Christians who think that if Christmas is supposed to be peaceful, then the same must be true about Ramadan.

I tried looking at the "religious practices" and "crime" sections of Wikipedia's Ramadan article, but couldn't find anything.

Also, are individuals deciding to engage in, or exhorting others to engage in, lesser jihad specifically during Ramadan a modern phenomenon, or did it happen in historical times?

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    There are 4 months in which Muslims are asked to be "peaceful" unless they need to defend themselves: the ashhor al horum: three successive Dhi-l Qi'adah, Dhi-l Hijjah and Moharram (the 11th, 12th and 1st Month of a Hijri Year) and one single Month Rajab (7th Month). See for example legacy.quran.com/2/217, legacy.quran.com/2/194 ... – Medi1Saif Jun 13 '16 at 10:35

there are 2 types of the lesser, Fard Kifaya (offensive, not obligatory. such as expanding into new land) should not take place. while Fard Ayn (defensive and obligatory(not sure if to all or just to those who are males and "able")) should take place. an example of this would be the Syrian army fighting off daesh during Ramadan.

ramadan as well as the other 3 peaceful months should not host non-necessary conflict. a state should not be expanding but fighting for control of borders or attacking in order to free slaves or captives is ok.

this is only my view/outlook, please don't rely on me (much of my information is from our far-right and from a book I read from a very harsh person, Abdullah azzam)

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