I promised to Allah that I will not play online games but I didn't keep my promise.

First question: what is the punishment? Second question: what will the new punishment be if I still play?

Will the same punishment repeat until I leave my behavior?

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First you have to repent (at-tawba) from sin.

Second you should expiation vow with: - Feed or clothe ten poor; - If you can't you should fast for three days.

For second question, if you don't make an oath you should just repent (at-tawba).

And if you end up back again, repent (at-tawba).

For more information, see the YouTube videos What is the kaffara for a broken promise made to Allah by Sheikh Dr. Muhammad Salah, Learn Islam - Q&A, and Repentance(Tawbah) By Mufti Menk.

Note: Vowing is not good in Islam just say "in·shal·lah" I won't do that, meaning if Allah wills it.

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