i hope i can get answers because i am desperate, I'm a 19 years old girl, i used masturbate in the past by watching explicit images (astaghfirullah), but since i started praying regularly and wearing hijab i stopped and asked for repentance, now , after two years of abstinence sometimes i have sexual tension (it won't go away even if i fast or pray), so i end up masturbating (no insertion), just stimulation of a few minutes and then the orgasm, and i do that without watching or even thinking about explicit things, i only do it to release the tension, the think is, i try not to do it as much as possible but sometimes the temptation comes back and i keep asking Allah for forgiveness, i don't even know if it's really a big sin stimulating to release the sexual tension.

Do you have any advice on how can i definitely stop and will Allah swt forgive me?
I really feel guilty after doing it (and i do it like once in a month ), please i am desperate i really want to avoid it.


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Reciting Quran-Al-Majeed day and night helped me a lot. May Allah s.w.t guide you and help you.


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