I'm just curious, I read a little bit and it made me want to ask this question. Who exactly is the antichrist, and what is his power?

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the Anti-Christ/Dajjal (one who conceals the truth or deceives) will appear. o He will rule for 40 days, but the 1st of days will equal to 1 year, then another 1 month and the rest as regular days. o He will be one-eyed (like a protruding grape) and Kafir (letters K.F.R) will be written on his forehead. o Madinah would rock 3 times on his appearance and destroyed during WWIII o He would kill a pious man and then bring him back to life o He would appear from the east o He will take over the world by coercion, by controlling business and politics. o He will be a charismatic leader, red in complexion, and curly hair o He will be Jewish (or atheist) and his army will include many Jews from Israel o He will display anger in speeches to public (like Hitler) o At 1st he will appear as a tyrannical king, and then claim to be a prophet, then lord. o He will conquer country after country except Makkah/Madinah.


Antichrist is not Islamic definition. It comes from bible. However, you can understand Dajjal as Antichrist. Subject of those two character is same: Claim to be messiah. You can look further information on this wiki page: Masih ad-Dajjal

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