Is it haram to have a crush on someone?

I have a crush on this girl (who is also Muslim) but I haven't yet spoken to her properly. I haven't made much effort to get in touch with her or have any sort of relationship with her. We used to go to the same coaching class and our schools were separated into boys and girls. I did not intentionally gaze at her, it was unavoidable and purely unintentional as we were in the same coaching class. She just knows that I exist and nothing else has happened between us. I just wanted to know whether the feeling I'm having towards this girl is haram or halal?

Secondly is it permissible for us to make a wish to Allah swt to get us married to the person that we love?

  • This question is per se strange how could something we are not able to steer something -God given- which is part of our creation be haram by itself? – Medi1Saif Nov 11 '16 at 11:09

Feeling love and affection towards others (that includes to opposite genders) is a natural phenomenon. Your question really sounds same as "Is eating halal?". It is OK to love others as long as that feeling is not causing deviations in performing your daily duties and obligations and within the limits of basic Islamic principles(e.g., feeling sexually attracted towards mahrams is beyond those limits).

And yes, it is OK to make dua and ask Allah to make you get married with the person you like.


I don't think so that any form of pre marital relationship is allowed in Islam If you like the girl then you can ask dua from Allah and convince your parents to their parents for marriage.

  • Thank you brother, what I also want to know whether my feelings for her are also haram ? We're not in a relationship, I think it's a one sided crush – user20962 Apr 24 '16 at 20:05

I think it is not haram to like someone but acting upon that crush by asking them out or even just checking them out is haram.


You can not stop yourself from having that feeling. however,acting upon that feeling or having dirty thoughts about this person is haram.

In Sha Allah you will be married to the right person


It's not haram at all as long as there is no sexual intercourse involved

  • It would improve this answer to edit in references from scholars who make this claim. – Rebecca J. Stones Jan 26 at 1:18

Having a crush is a natural feeling you get as you get older. So it's ok as long as you don't act upon it you're fine

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