For example, let's say I'm wearing fresh clothes and then I perform wudu and offer salah. After I complete my salah, I change my clothes and put on trousers that have traces of dry urine on it. So, when the time of next salah comes, I put the fresh clothes back on before praying salah.

But do I have to perform wudu again? Because if I remember correctly, dry urine (or any dry najasah) does not break your wudu.


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If I put on clothes with dry najasah (dry impurities), will my wudu be broken?

Touching or coming in contact with dry impurities does not break wudu. So, if you put on impure clothes, that does not break your wudu.

Merely touching impurities does not break wudhu. (Fatāwa Mahmodiyyah, Vol.5,Pg.74)


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