I never drank in my life but after herring that alcohol in heaven will not get you drunk I started thinking what's the point of alcohol in heaven then?

  • I found this article : Wine: Good Or Bad – makzimus Apr 9 '16 at 11:08
  • (it is clear that the drink of Paradise is not like the earthly drink. It is free from headiness and intoxication) As I stated befor, then what's the point of having alcohol in heaven? – Muhammad Apr 9 '16 at 21:11

When you think of Heaven, keep in mind that people won't have their current bodies in Heaven. They will be created in a new creation (Quran Verse 61 of Surah 56), that we have no idea about. That body won't get sick, won't get tired, won't get bored (Quran Verse 35 of Surah 35), won't get drunk, won't get dirty, won't get old etc. Otherwise, it wouldn't be Heaven. If we try to make sense of Heaven from this world's perspective and bodily needs or weaknesses, we can't really understand it.

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people don't drink alcohol to get drunk and lose their senses. They drink it because they enjoy the taste - but just drink too much. The wine of Jannah is described as pure, white, delicious, free of bad effects and non-intoxicating. Thus, the negative elements of wine - the stench and intoxicating nature - will be removed and only the good aspects will remain.(Surah saffat verse 40-43).


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    "people don't drink alcohol to get drunk and lose their senses. They drink it because they enjoy the taste" - do you have a backup of this statement? – Kilise Jun 3 '18 at 23:20

When the wine is not intoxicating, it ceases to be wine. People don't drink alcohol for taste only. It's the intoxication which feels good.

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  • This needs more elaboration and evidences supporting your claims. – Sassir Jan 13 '19 at 11:55

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