Salam alaikum brothers and sisters. I have this very huge problem that I feel extremely guilty about. I invited my friend to my house and I had a small sexual lust for grabbing his butt. I did it once and claimed that it was an accident. He forgot about it. I have ZERO sexual attraction to him anymore and I really want to repent I feel extremely guilty. What should I do? Was this Zina in any way? Is their a punishment for this in life? How can I repent?

P.S: I am straight 100% now and I am 13.


Assalamu Alaikum, brother. you should know that having sexual lust, as you call it, or even going close to it with a female that isn't your wife is haram. not to talk of having it with a man. it is totally prohibited and you have committed a very big sin brother. But fortunately, Allah is The all-forgiving and The most merciful. Repent and promise never to go back to committing such thing. ma'assalaam.

  • exactly. This youth is told to "try everything out" and unfortunately some of our younger brothers and sisters fall for it. – Sadik Apr 4 '16 at 22:11

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