I noticed that all what was ever said about homosexuality was men homosexuality and their penalty, but I never heard about women homosexuality. I'm really curious as to why nothing has been said about it even though the prophet (PBUH) didn't leave anything unanswered.

I happen to be a woman who was born attracted to other women, even though I never did it neither am I planning to pursue my desire due to my faith in Allah. I know that a lot of people believe that it's impossible to be born as a homosexual, but I had it in my nature even before I entered school. I do remember some incidents that happened when I was only 4 years old concerning my attraction to women. The only thing I ever looked at was them while men never entered my mind even after I grew up.

I apologize if I offended anyone with my words, but I'm someone who is utterly disgusted with the men culture and it would be impossible for me to marry one. All the men that I ever encountered in my life only thought about sex and women's assets and their own pleasure, even if they tried to hide it it would still be obvious. Have they ever thought about pure love or is selfish pleasure all what's in their mind?

Is it so wrong that no matter how much I tried to consider men I still can't help but to be attracted to women?

I had recently come to terms where I realized that I don't really want to love men and I can't help but feel that I'm born to be thrown in hell for the way I was born and it honestly depresses me, even more when I hear what Allah did to previous homosexuals. Sometimes I ask myself if Allah hates me for loving women, and it's something I dread.

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Hadiths condemning female homosexuality

There indeed doesn't seem to be an explicit condemnation of female homosexuality in Quran, but some hadith sources suggest that the people of Lut and the people of Ras who were doomed because of their sins according to Quran had both male and female homosexuality among their transgressions.

Here I quote hadiths from Shia sources that corroborate the prohibition of same-sex stuff between women in very strong terms. The hadiths are issued by Shia Imams who are believed to possess the full, esoteric knowledge of Islam as either inherited from the Holy Prophet or granted by Jibril.

The first three hadiths are taken from the most important hadith source in Shia school, Kitab al-Kafi, set Foru al-Kafi, volume 6, chapter on "As-Sahq" (Arabic: "السحق" meaning female homosexuality or Lesbianism). The first hadith claims that once men of Lut fell into homosexuality, their women also followed their suit. The other two explain the painful Divine retribution that awaits Lesbians in hell. The last one also says that this practice has been taught to mankind by the daughter of Iblis:

٢-محمّد بن يحيى عن أحمد بن محمّد عن عليّ بن الحكم عن إسحاق بن جرير قال: سألتني امرأة أن أستأذن لها على أبي عبد اللّه عليه السّلام، فأذن لها فدخلت و معها مولاة لها، فقالت: يا أبا عبد اللّه! قول اللّه عز و جلّ: زَيْتُونَةٍ لاٰ شَرْقِيَّةٍ وَ لاٰ غَرْبِيَّةٍ ما عنى بهذا؟ فقال: أيّتها المرأة! إنّ اللّه لم يضرب الأمثال للشّجر، إنّما ضرب الأمثال لبني آدم سلي عمّا تريدين.

فقالت: أخبرني عن اللّواتي مع اللّواتي ما حدّهنّ فيه؟

قال: حدّ الزّنا، إنّه إذا كان يوم القيامة يؤتى بهنّ قد ألبسن مقطّعات من نار و قنّعن بمقانع من نار و سرولن من النّار و أدخل في أجوافهنّ إلى رءوسهنّ أعمدة من نار و قذف بهنّ في النّار. أيّتها المرأة! إنّ أوّل من عمل هذا العمل قوم لوط، فاستغنى الرّجال بالرّجال فبقي النّساء بغير رجال ففعلن كما فعل رجالهنّ.

Is'haq ibn Jorair said: A woman asked me to ask permission for her to meet Abi Abd Allah (pbuh) (Jafar us-Sadiq, the sixth Shia Imam from the bloodline of the Holy Prophet, credited as founder of the Imami School), and I asked permission for her.... then the woman asked: Inform me about the ruling of [sexual affairs] between women and women?

He said: the ruling (i.e. the punishment) is that of adultery. Indeed when the Day of Judgement arrives, they are brought wearing pieces of fire, and they are worn with fiery scarves, and fiery pants, and with fiery shafts entering their stomachs towards their heads and they are thrown into fire. O women! The first to commit this act was the people of Lut, as when men pleased themselves with men, the women were left to themselves so they did together like what their men did to each other.


٣-عليّ بن إبراهيم عن أبيه عن عمرو بن عثمان عن يزيد النّخعيّ عن بشير النّبّال قال:

رأيت عند أبي عبد اللّه عليه السّلام رجلا فقال له: جعلت فداك! ما تقول في اللّواتي مع اللّواتي؟

فقال له: لا أخبرك حتّى تحلف لتخبرنّ بما أحدّثك به النّساء.

قال: فحلف له.

قال: فقال: هما في النّار و عليهما سبعون حلّة من نار فوق تلك الحلل جلد جافّ غليظ من نار عليهما نطاقان من نار و تاجان من نار فوق تلك الحلل و خفّان من نار و هما في النّار.

... Bashir an-Nabal said: I saw a man in the presence of Abi Abd Allah (pbuh) who said to him: May I die for you! What do you say about [sexual affairs] between women and women?

Then Imam said to him: I don't inform you about this unless you swear to inform women about what I say to you!

He said: And the man swore.

And the Imam said: the two are in the fire [of hell], and on them will be seventy layers of fiery clothes, and upon that all will be a dry curtain saturated with fire, and thereupon will be fiery belts and crowns on them, and fiery shoes and they will be in fire.


۴-عنه [علی بن ابراهیم] عن أبيه عن عليّ بن القاسم عن جعفر بن محمّد عن الحسين بن زياد عن يعقوب بن جعفر قال:

سأل رجل أبا عبد اللّه عليه السّلام-أو أبا إبراهيم عليه السّلام-عن المرأة تساحق المرأة:

و كان متّكئا فجلس فقال:

ملعونة الرّاكبة و المركوبة و ملعونة حتّى تخرج من أثوابها الرّاكبة و المركوبة، فإنّ اللّه تبارك و تعالى و الملائكة و أولياءه يلعنونهما، و أنا و من بقي في أصلاب الرّجال و أرحام النّساء. فهو و اللّه، الزّنا الأكبر و لا و اللّه، ما لهنّ توبة.

قاتل اللّه لا قيس بنت إبليس ما ذا جاءت به.

فقال الرّجل: هذا ما جاء به أهل العراق؟

فقال: و اللّه، لقد كان على عهد رسول اللّه صلّى اللّه عليه و آله قبل أن يكون العراق، و فيهنّ قال رسول اللّه صلّى اللّه عليه و آله: لعن اللّه المتشبّهات بالرّجال من النّساء، و لعن اللّه المتشبّهين من الرّجال بالنّساء.

... Ya'qub ibn Ja'far said: A man asked Aba Abd Allah (pbuh) or Aba Ibrahim (pbuh) (Musa al-Khadhim, the son of Jafar, and the seventh Shia Imam) about a woman having sex with another woman (the word used is "مساحقه" translit. "musahiqa"). And he was leaning [when I asked him] then he sat down and said:

The one who does this and the one to whom this is done are cursed, and they are cursed until they take off the clothes that they had on when doing this. And Allah the exalted and high, and the angels and His saints curse the two, in addition to me and and whoever resides in the backs of men and the wombs of women (i.e. the later generations). And this act is, by Allah, graver than adultery, and by Allah, there's no repentance for the two. May Allah kill Qais, daughter of Iblis who introduced this [to humankind]!

And the man said: But this is what the people of Iraq have introduced!

And he (the Imam) said: By Allah it existed during the time of the Prophet of Allah (pbuh) before it existed in Iraq, and the Prophet has said about this group: May Allah curse those men who liken themselves to women, and those women who liken themselves to men. (i.e. engaging in things that has to be done with the opposite sex).

As for people of Ras, a hadith collection compiled by Muhammad Baqi Majlisi named Hayat al-Qulub draws very detailed accounts of the history and fate of this nation from different Shia Imams. According to one account given by Imam al-Kadhim, two doomed nations are associated with the name Ras (taken from the name of river Aras in Azerbaijan where they lived) who succeeded each other. The second nation faced Divine wrath because of adultery and female homosexuality.

Some philosophical reflection

Scholars of all sects agree that sexual activity between both men and women are prohibited in Islam. The rational wisdom must also be evident upon reflection. The very fact that we are created in opposite sexs that enable us to fulfill functions that are vital for human survival indicates that same-sex relations are immoral for they undermine those vital functions that are only fulfilled under heterosexual relations.

A deeper philosophical explanation can be drawn from Yin-Yang theory: Universe is made of opposite forces that complement each other by their interaction, giving rise to synthetic qualities that can not be without the underlying opposite forces meeting and acting on each other. The highest expression of this cosmic pattern is sexuality. Homosexuality is a violation of this cosmic pattern and detrimental to huaamnity for subverting the vital positive synthetic effects associated with it (including but not limited to reproduction). The next-worldly retributions talked about in religious sources explain the eternal consequences of violation of this cosmic law for the violators.

A similar explanation can be drawn from Islamic Sufism and Irfan. Men and women are considered to be manifestations of two opposite sets of Divine attributes known as Jalal (Majesty) and Jamal (Beauty). Jalal embodies other Divine names such as Qahar (Conqueror or Mighty), Malik (Owner), Qadir (Capable) whereas Jamal embodies names such as Latif (Gentle), Ghafur (Forgiving), Rahim (Compassionate). Note that these names represent ontological realities and are not just literal forms. Allah creates the creation by manifesting in them these names in different proportions and mixtures. From synthesis of these names, higher, fuller names emerge. Man is considered to be the noblest of creation for his potential to realize all Divine names. But on the level of worldly first nature, humankind is created in two distinct blends of Divine names, man and woman. When these opposite blends (or forms) of Divine names marry, as a result of many resulting synthetic processes on the physiological and psychological level between the distinct qualities in each sex, a higher level of ontological perfection and goodness yields for the couple, the most notable example of it being procreation. This may explain why Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has said that "marriage is half of one's faith."

Critique of the idea of homosexuality "by birth"

The fringe phenomenon of "innate" homosexual inclinations must be seen only as deviations from man's God-given sexuality which can result from problems in upbringing or negative life experiences or even subtle irregularities in human psychological and psychological makeup by birth (provided that such inclinations do not proceed from willful homosexual behavior). Therefore the fact that one may feel good about such inclinations is not an indication that they are normal. In basic Islamic doctrine, there are clues indicating that moral vices similar to bodily health problems can be transferred via birth. A well-known example is the phenomenon of illegitimate birth which is believed in Islam to influence the moral inclinations of the resulting child.

Another potential factor in deviation from rightful conduct can be understood from Quran. Quran often talks about people who enjoy their sins and therefore engage in them because "Satan has beautified their sins in their eyes". In other words, man is always prone to find pleasure and norm in things that are immoral and abnormal because of satanic influences. These influences come in different forms and origins. According to doctrines of Muslim scholars of psychological ethics, the pleasure of sin is felt by man's body (in case of bodily sins) and by man's illusion (in case of more psychic vices such as arrogance) and the normality of all sins is induced by man's illusion, while the displeasure of sin is felt by the lamenting self (Nafs al-Lawwama) and the abnormality is recognize by human faith and illuminated intellect provided that they are not clouded by the dominion of the former inferior faculties.

Imbalance in human humoral makeup can also explain inclination towards bodily deeds that are regarded as sinful under Sharia according to the traditional Humoral medicine that is prevalent in the Islamic world among traditionalist scholars.

What to do with these inclinations?

According to what I’ve learned from Islamic psychology and traditional medicine, illegitimate inclinations can be eliminated by undertaking a sound bodily, mental and spiritual discipline, and depending on how deeply engraved they have become in one's bodily and psychological makeup, the remedies become more demanding. But the most basic and accessible bodily remedy I know of is fasting accompanied by the spiritual acts of worship since we know abstinence empowers human soul and by acts of worship soul can absorb spiritual perfections from Allah, helping it to reform the body after its normal archetypal form which is free from sinful inclinations. Heartfelt recognition of the philosophical explanation of sexuality that I laid out above can also be very helpful in reforming one’s sexual orientations and expectations towards its proper ontological end that is realized only under heterosexual relations.

If this guidance sounded too general and philosophical, tell me, I hope I can elaborate the wisdom in more concrete terms.


Interpersonal attraction

According to Rowland Miller's Intimate Relationships text, the propinquity effect can be defined as: "the more we see and interact with a person, the more likely he or she is to become our friend or sexual partner." This effect is very similar to the mere exposure effect, .... also known as the familiarity principle, states that the more we are exposed to something, the more we come to like it. This applies equally to both objects and people (Miller, 2006). (Source)

I understand, women usually are gentle creatures and you in an attempt to find beauty in everything, might be just finding beauty only in women due to their gentleness. As I quoted above, you get what you seek. Let me tell you that there are some men who are called "gentlemen", who are beautiful from the inside. If you never even gave a second thought to know them or about them, then I'm sorry for you.

Nothing wrong with bad thoughts

From this interesting discussion, which is more of an interpretation of the Hadith which I wish to quote, explains that, what ever thoughts pass through your head, you're not accounted for them, unless you intentionally let that happen. So, if at some random time, you feel like you're attracted to women, there is nothing wrong in it, unless if you intentionally keep thinking about "pure love of women".

The least I could do is give some suggestions in a hope that you will consider to at least think about them.

Men are born that way

Yes, men just want sex. Men produce huge amounts of Testosterone (compared to women), and so I can say they're born that way. And yes, men preferably marry women primarily for sex. But, you’re forgetting a fact. Most often it turns out that the man whom a woman marries is starting to love her far more than she ever imagined. Such is the tendency of men, the best I know. If you straight away say to a man, to marry a woman, who is physically disabled and you cannot have sex with her, then it is highly unlikely that an average man would agree. But, after spending enough time with a woman after marriage, if such unexpected instances should occur, then it is likely that the man would stay with her expressing unconditional love patiently. That’s the fundamental nature of men, the best I know. Again, that depends on how good the relationship was.

Good men Hunting

Not all men are bad. After marriage you can train your man to be the way you want. If things go as planned, you’ll probably be successful and would see a man who expresses "true love". But, before all of that, as I said, you need to make the first move. Oh, yes, you can definitely take your time in searching for a man, who could possibly fit in the role of your ideal man. Hints include, you can search for men who are not dominating or submissive, who are polite, not greedy for money, who are not rude, who takes care of their parents and family members well (this is a good sign of a responsible man), who is like minded, whose tastes are similar, etc. Good men are hard to find I agree, but you can find, if your searching techniques are well enough. Again, as I said, you cannot have a man who doesn’t lust after women, because it is nearly impossible.

I'm not into guys

Might be irrelevant to you, but thought let's cover it up too.

Firstly about the bisexual women. I strictly believe they are naughty without moral values who just are simply exploring ways to get the utmost pleasure. I can safely call them novelty seekers. Hard to do, but they can very well control themselves by having some discipline.

And those who are straight turned bisexual turned lesbians, some still fall under the previous category while others I believe are truly lesbians and are born that way. Yes, definitely there is no natural gene involved, but there definitely are natural hormones involved. Usually during the prenatal stage, many things get shaped, like the hormone levels, brain's plasticity etc. Scientists believe, these are those other factors (other than genes) which constitute to one's sexual orientation.

What Islam says is

So, a butch lesbian who is not under cultural or societal norms is likely to come out of closet earlier than who is under societal pressure. I would love to push these people into the category of transgender. They really are the exceptions. And I believe, they will be having tough time adhering to the rules of Islam. As a last tip, I would like to suggest those type of women with genuine reasons to remain patient and fast, if they can't help themselves and are unable enjoy a peaceful relationship with a man. Please do so only after consulting your local Islamic scholar.

Definitely by all means, homosexuality is not allowed in Islam, and here are the punishments for it. I don't see, how the rules could be different for women.

Allah knows the best.


Zakaria Chihani for his thought provoking answer (now removed) and all others who attempted. Jazakallah Khairan.

  • The question isn't about your personal opinion about the matter, but what Islam says about homosexuality in women. Only at the very bottom of your post one can find that answer and you say that you are not even sure about it ("I don't see how it could be different" is not helpful). If some of your believes are based on teachings for which sources exists, provide them. – The Raven Queen Apr 19 '17 at 12:46

Allah loves everyone right? Allah can only PUNISH you for the things you choose to do. The sins you choose to make. Not to punish you for things you can't help. Love is Love. Allah made you this way. Allah gave us brains; don't always believe what you read. Allah gave us the power to think for ourselves. You have to think for yourself. It doesn't make any sense that Allah would punish you for loving another human of the same sex. I know it can be hard but please be brave. Do whatever makes you happy. Loving someone can't ever be a sin. LOVE IS LOVE.


being attracted to women is not your fault, it isnt a "disease". Allah will not punish u for what he gave u as a test. Everybody has their tests in life right? being a lebian is yours. you just have to stay strong and in jannah, you will get what u stayed away from in this life. what you wanted so badly.


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