I did not know my dad for the most part of my life.

After I did, he did not treat me like he treats his other daughters.

I do not have a good relationship with him. So, I want my husband to go to my uncle who raised me, not my father.

Is this possible?

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Your father must be asked first. If he refuses to arrange the marriage, then you might pass to the next wali in line.

some say

If the wali repeatedly refuses the proposal of a compatible suitor, he is to be regarded as preventing the marriage of the female relative under his care, and his guardianship is thus rendered null and void, and that right is transferred to the next closest relative on the father’s side.

That being said, I don't know how Islam considers a wali who abandoned is ...wali-hood (?)... If your father never was a father to you, if he relinquished his right to be your father from your young age, I don't know if he can still be considered for the position of Wali. Maybe that's the question you should ask.

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