During my Maghrib prayer, I accidentally cleared my throat for no reason (i think it is just a habit), and I wasn't sure whether or not I should re-do my prayer so I started to panic and paused for a few seconds to think about it, but i still kept my prayer pose with my hands on my heart and my eyes on the ground like they are supposed to.

I thought to be safe I should stop and re-start it, but then i changed my mind. It happened so fast. I physically wasn't moving, so to an outsider it did not look like i stopped praying because i kept my pose.

Should I re-do this prayer or was it okay to continue it? I suffer from waswas a lot and i though it was that, so i just continued the prayer.

Is this okay?
Please let me know as I am very worried about it.

  • yes @Medi1Saif is right, and this should be the answer. Commented Apr 14, 2016 at 15:00

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Well if you re-do it just to get sure that you've done it the right way that would be fine, but you shouldn't let this become a custom. In my maliki environment this actually seems to be practiced I'd say often in case of doubt etc.

But note that in your case sujud as-sahw would have been enough and you could do it any time!

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