One of the things we know about the Jinn world is that there are the believers and there are the non-believers, we mainly encounter Jinn in our world in harmful situation such as VooDoo or possession!.

But what we normally don't hear about is Jins interacting with humans for non-harmful purposes, e.g. engaging in conversations and exchanging information!

So are Jinn forbidden to interact with us or could it be that there is some constraint in which they can't do so?


Concerning your interesting query that you asked:

Is it haram to talk to Jin?

As the concise answer:

Firstly it is remarked that there are two sorts of Jinn:

1: Mo’men (or Muslim) Jinn

2: Kafir Jinn

Secondly: it is declared that (what can be inferred from Shia 14 infallibles’ narrations) :

It can be investigated as a permissible practice if firstly the Jinn who you are talking or having relation to, is from Mo’men Jinn, not Kaffer. Likewise by observing some Islamic condition you can have relation (or taling)…

As a related more info. : www.al-islam.org


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It's haram (forbidden) to seek the help from the jinn, whether it's Muslim or not and for any kind of purpose (i.e.: good and bad).

About talking to the jinn, here is the reference: https://islamqa.info/en/7654

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