Does swallowing food remains between teeth spoil sawm (fasting)? Please mention the case when it is done intentionally, unintentionally, and intentionally because you couldn't manage to remove the food remainings.

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  • Brief speaking, swallowing intentionally the thing (food…) which has remained between the teeth, it spoils or breaks the fast (Sawn)

  • (But concerning swallowing unintentionally, it seems can be related to eating unintentionally which doesn’t break or spoil the fast.)

  • Eventually, as the last past: Whoever who intends to fast, it is not necessary for him/her to use tooth-pick before the Azan. But his/her fasting would be broken if s/he knows (sure) that the remained food which have remained between the teeth would be swallowed in case that s/he doesn’t use the tooth-pick. / Even as wajib precaution (Ehtiat) it ought to be redo (do its Qaza) even if it has not been swallowed. (But it would be wajib if it has been swallowed) / notice: these are related to the case of being sure that the food will be swallowed in the case that you do not use the tooth-pick. But in the case of probability is not like that and doesn’t seem…

(According to Imam Khomeini and Imam (ayatollah) Khamenei) as two Shia Marja'al-Taqlids)

But I guess the view of Sunni brothers is pretty the same that eating or swallowing unintentionally won’t break the Sawn. (Although eating intentionally will spoil the Sawn)


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