Sometimes when a family member irritates me too much, I get into a rage and say things like this:

may Allah kill me tonight or may Allah make me die today, etc.

After a while when I cool down, I really regret what I've said. I feel annoyed and don't know what to do. I say "Auzo bellahe mena'shaytane rajeem (اعوذ بالله من الشیطان الرجیم)."

Does this mean my bad prayers will also be answered? Is there a way to expiate for such curses? Thank you and Jazakumullah.

  • You should be careful what you pray for because even curses are sometimes answer, especially that of a mother towards their child. Try not to make a negative du'a for yourself or anyone else. When you have calmed down the best thing to do is ask Allah for forgiveness.
    – Zohal
    Oct 19, 2015 at 12:44

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Totally, cursing is counted as an unethical and as an impermissible practice. Meanwhile, it is declared that La’n is considered as a haram (forbidden) act unless in the mentioned-items in accordance with Islam.

According to a hadith it is narrated that:

  • Believer (faithful person) doesn’t include the persons who curse. (Namely: does not curse (expect the items which Islam allows …)

    (محدث نورى : مستدرك الوسائل ، ج 11، ص 178، ح 12686.)

    Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and his household) … said: Of Mo’men’s (believer) characteristics is that he (or she) is not curser (does not curse)

    (محدث نورى : مستدرك الوسائل ، ج 11، ص 179، ح 12686)

It is haram for cursing the Mo’men (believer) and whoever is not deserved it. Eventually in regard to the Kaffarah of that, as much as I made research, apparently the best Kaffarah of is repentance. In truth, you’d better repent and decide not to try it again. In the meanwhile, you look as a believer, consequently you are not allow to curse a believer (Mo’men). And as the final recommendation, endeavor not to do something to make your family (especially your parents) furious in order to stopping placing in that situation that…



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