Toilet space (room) is considered as a dirty place and ordinarily this is a place for nejasah (impurities) (and its space can be polluted due to urine/feces...), on the other hand, making Wudu is counted as a clean (Taharah) practice. I was wondering if it is permissible to make our Wudu (Wudhu) into the space of toilet? (I mean: not to make Wudhu in the toilet (which is a large bowl connected to the drains which..., but I mean in the room of the toilet, and in the sink (washbasin).

Notice: I don't mean in the bathroom, because in some homes the bathroom is apart from toilet room.

Note: I'm looking for the viewpoint of Shia.

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Performing Wudhu in the space of toilet is not deemed as a haram (forbidden) practice and as a result it is a permissible practice. Solely, it would be Makruh (Makruh means it is better not to do, but is it not haram) if the water of Wudhu spills into the sewer of the toilet. (It might be related to this issue that the water of Wudhu is deemed as a Taaher water, then it can be considered as a sort of disrespect …)



  • No, I mean the water from the sink (washbasin) which is available in a part of the toilet and you can wash your hands and faces , otherwise I presume direct water of toilet is najis (unclean)..., I appreciate you for mentioning this important issue. God bless you. Jan 31, 2017 at 18:47

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