I was quite not sure when my sister is law asked this question. Though I have seen many videos on YouTube related to kurbani. Still am not sure, if it is allowed. That's why I am seeking your help. Kindly do let me if there is a hadith or Ayah or any fatwah against it.


In the name of Allah, the most compassionate, the most merciful

“Is it allowed to shoot video while offering Qurbani?” As much as I made research, I didn’t find any related fatwa. In addition, as a logical rule, there cannot be an explicit verse regarding that, because there was not the devices like camera that … / consequently it seems to be permissible to shoot video while offering Qurbani. Of course perhaps there could be a problem in the case that some people watch it as a heart-breaking or harrowing event and make them a bad feeling … Otherwise apparently it can be permissible by itself. Wallah o A’lamo (And Allah knows best)


No, we don't use any kind of electronic device which shoot video, photo snippets or audious of our shariat.

Yesterday I had bayan about kurbaani @ our Mosque. The Imam said that don't take any video's or photos while offering qurbani. And this information is from Deoband Madarsa in Delhi[India].

This all I knew.

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    Dear brother please kindly quote a hadeedh or a fatwa related to it. Sep 25 '15 at 4:28

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