I am thinking of taking part in some athletic contests. The authority will award the winners with gold medals. But as far as I know men aren't allowed to wear gold.
So how can one accept gold medals in a halaal way without disrespecting anyone?
Please help me my brothers.


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The thing that you mention about Gold is to WEARING it. Wearing refer to clothes ,jewels and any thing that you use the verb WEAR for it. Having a gold pen, a golden-ed phone or any other examples such this is not according to HARAM. what I've to mention is that it's not mater it is pure gold, for example a silver ring that is golden-ed in the surface is HARAM too. Then having a Gold medal is not referred to Wearing it and is not HARAM.


Dear brother the medal is a symbol of recognition for sporting (in your case) achievments and at least you should know that gold medals are not made of 100 % gold.

And don't forget that our Messenger used to accept gifts and this is a kind of gift!

So in my POV i can't see any harm in accepting it as it will end at a wall or a showcase (I even know some athletes who sold their medals because they lack of money!). And the athlete will not wear it as it isn't a kind of cloth or jewelry, as wearing it (as a jewelry) would be haram and as i mentioned there's a big difference between what you said and this!

And Allah knows best

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