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Is giving -ve feed back of employees under you to higher authority is considered as sin- Backbiting (Gheebat).

or reporting -ve feed back of your co-worker but whatever you are saying is true to higher authority is considered as backbiting and sinful.

without the intention of any politics .

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Assalamualaikum wr wb

There are 6 cases in which you can talk about a person in their absence.

  1. Complaining (feedback) to a person of authority.
  2. Seeking help in changing an evil and turning evils to that which is correct: An example of this is if someone witnesses a person drinking alcohol and then he mentions that to his guardian seeking to correct him and assist in prohibiting evil.
  3. Seeking a religious ruling (fatwa)
  4. Warning the Muslim ummah
  5. Of an evil being committed openly by someone
  6. For identification of person who is known by a nickname.

The first two will fall into your category.

Hope this helps and Allah knows best.

Sources: Riyaadh-us-Saaliheen, chapter 256

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  • this? sunnah.com/riyadussaliheen/1/256
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