I know that this is a sensitive question, especially in the current times we are facing, but I honestly asking and have no intention of arousing anger, only discussion.

My question is: Why is there so much hatred for the Jews amongst Islamic groups today?

I read "al-mawt l'Israa'iil, al-lu'anah 'alaa al-Yahud" and I just don't understand why servants of Allah would say such things. Especially since the Qur'aan itself testifies that the Jews received the Torah from Nabi Musa and then were given the land of Israel.

I understand that there are political differences between us, but aren't we Ahl al-kitaab? I don't see Jews calling for the death of Arabs or Muslims in their mottos.

Please help me understand.

Shukraan Jaziilaan

  • "then were given the land of Israel" where in the Quran did you find such? – user549 Aug 17 '15 at 9:15
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    @Shoaib - Qur'aan 5:20-21; 17:104, 137 – user11749 Aug 17 '15 at 13:29
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    Also Qur'aan 26:59 – user11749 Aug 17 '15 at 13:41
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    Hey! Who said that? I love Jews!! And....... I am a Muslim. – Rehan Ullah Aug 17 '15 at 15:27
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The original jews who were from bani Israel are good. it is over time however they have gone bad. To sit here and say ALL Jews are bad is wrong, as there are good and bad Jews just as there are good and bad Muslims. When revelations were first revealed to the Prophet PBUH, the Jews were already waiting for him to come. It's in their scripture that another prophet will come. In those days, there were different tribes and such, and they didn't always get along. The prophet Mohammed PBUH was from the tribe Quraish, and despite the jews knowing he was the prophet, still rejected him. They had a test of three questions to see if he was in fact the prophet, and he not only answered each question correctly, but gave them extra details to every question.

Yes jews are considered ahl al kitab, and in all honesty i think the main hatred towards jews comes from stories and history with them. The destructions happening in Palestine (or Israel) is something we simply can't take light-heartedly, the same way there are people hating Muslims because of ISIS and whatnot. As muslims we also know that in the future there will be a huge war between jews and muslims, and every thing will assist the muslims in helping find the jews (trees, rocks etc) except for one particular tree (i have forgotten its name though) which will not reveal where the jews are hiding and apparently in Palestine/Israel, the jews are planting this particular tree, which means they too know this war is approaching.

i hope this partly answers your question without causing much dispute.