As a man and husband, I have no real idea about the menstruation, I mean what it feels like and if our sisters can feel it ending etc.

Now, for example, it happens that some of my female relatives know for example that her menstruation ended on a day "x" what if she did ghusl some days later? Because, for example, she had doubts whether it really ended! Should she make up the prayers/fast she missed from the moment her menstruation really ended or not?

Is there a clear rule when a woman should do the ghusl after menstruation or child-bed (nifas)?


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women has to do gusal on the day her menses end. if her menses ends on monday she has to take bath on same day, it is compulsory. if menses ended on monday and she take bath and after three or four day a drop come out the days between monday and those days also included in menstruation. salah and recietation of holy quran is not allowed in those days.

Reference: https://islamqa.info/en/70438


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