I remember Quran says, don't be like an old woman who sew a cloth with lot of hard work but something comes in her mind and she tears it apart

Where this thing is mentioned in Quran, I am unable to find a chapter and verse number.


I guess you are referring to the following Verse in Surat an-Nahl

Do not behave like that woman who had spun yarn laboriously and then had herself broken it into pieces.90 You make your mutual oaths a means of mutual deceit in your affairs so that one people might take undue advantage over the other whereas Allah puts you to trial by these pledges.Allah will certainly reveal to you the truth about all your differences on the Day of Resurrection


ولا تكونوا كالتي نقضت غزلها من بعد قوة أنكاثا تتخذون أيمانكم دخلا بينكم أن تكون أمة هي أربى من أمة إنما يبلوكم الله به وليبينن لكم يوم القيامة ما كنتم فيه تختلفون

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