In salat, when you come back (stand up) from Ruku', you say:

"Samiallahu liman hamida"

Is it pronounced "hammida" or "hameeda"?

I pronounced it hammida, so I am not sure if it is correct or not.

  • For people who transcribe سَمِعَ اللّهُ لِمَنْ حَمِدَهُ for english prounounciation it could be same'a Allahu leman hamedah for those who pronounce the latin letters as is like in latin/french/german it would sound like sami'a allahu liman hamidah (there's a litely prounounced "h" at the end! As english does only prounounce the "a" as in latin at the beginnig of a word and the english "e" is equal to the latin "i". And as there's no shiddah in Arabic we don't have any doube consonant!
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            In the name of Allah, the Entirely Merciful, the Especially Merciful

In order to elucidate the issue you'd better pay heed that according to the correct Arabic grammar, the exact pronunciation of Same'allah-o Leman "Hamedah" is Hamedah (حمده). Of course, it seems that in Arabic language, most of Arab people pronounce the letter "E" as/like "I". For instance, the word Mohammed is written Muhammed, but some Arabs pronounce it as if they are saying Mohammid! Otherwise as I illustrated before, the precise pronunciation of the mentioned word is Hamedah as it is written Hamedah in its Arabic text.

Namely it is written in Arabic like the following phrase:

«سَمِعَ اللّهُ لِمَنْ حَمِدَهُ»


It can be inferred from the main Arabic text of the above-mentioned phrase that HAMEDAH is the most right form of that (although based on some Arabic accents it is heard as Hemidah).


  • @TruthSeeker, the link of the reference? I test it again, it is Okay for me and practicable. (by the way, the presented link is in Persian (Farsi). Good luck mate. Commented Jul 19, 2015 at 7:53

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