What is the criteria for Zakat for a disabled person who is in terminal illness. The person lives from her/his savings, which are used for medicine and caretaker but his/her savings (which is used day by day for treatment) are above Nisab. Someone please put the light on this situation.


Every Muslim who owns wealth above nisab for a whole lunar year is obliged to pay Zakat on it, there are no exceptions there is no evidence of any admissible excuses. If this is a long term issue maybe you should consider investing to create an income stream.

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A disabled person who lives from savings or allowances does not need to pay Zakat. That person is unable to generate income and in need of help.

Zakat is a duty for every Muslim individual. There are conditions to fulfill. If the person does not fulfill one of the conditions then he or she can be exempt from Zakat (unless in some cases that this very person insists to pay).

Some of these conditions would need to be considered. I list the ones that concern your question directly.

  • The person has to be sane. You did not disclose this information. If the person is not sane, then he/she does not have to pay Zakat. If the person is sane, then together with the fulfillment of the other conditions, this leads to obligation to pay Zakat.
  • The goods (he/she owns completely) have a potentially increasing value. The person is living on savings and/or allowances. And a disabled person cannot generate income. Thus this condition is not fulfilled and the person does not have to pay Zakat. (Exceptional case is when the person is very wealthy, but I won't go into that. Update your question if you wish to include that case.)
  • The person has to be free. While this condition was meant to exempt slaves from the duty of Zakat. The aspect of freedom applies to all of us in general. The disabled person is not free and relying on the aid and assistance of others. Some do argue this way. I leave it up to you to ponder.

In general there is no distinction between a disabled and a sound person. The criteria for Zakat are the same for both. When a Muslim fulfills all criteria then he/she is obliged to pay Zakat. The default of one of the criteria exempts you from the duty.

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  • "In general there is no distinction between a disabled and a sound person." that's the correct part of your answer I don't know where you got your conclusions from, but they are strange to some extent. Somebody who is disabled therefore is asked to pay zakat, unless he/she lost his mind or isn't in the right age as only a mukallaf is asked to fulfill the religious duties. And if al-hawl (a hijri year) has passed and his savings are still over the nisab he is asked to pay zakat from that. As zakat is always taken from savings. – Medi1Saif Oct 5 '16 at 11:28

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