I want to know the appropriate word for antonym/opposite for 'Kafir'

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مؤمن (Mu`min) is the antonym for (Kaafir) كافر. it means believer, whereas kaafir means non-believer.

kaafir has another meaning which is ungrateful. In such a case, the antonym would be شاكر (shakir) - which means grateful.

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Whereas Urdu could be considered as a language which has many similarities to Arabic, especially in Fiqh, as a result, it could be declared that:

The word believer or (Mo'men)مومن can be selected as the most adequate equivalent for the antonym of Kafir.

It can be surveyed from this another aspect that: whereas the word Kafir almost means unbeliever in English, then its antonym could be termed as the word "Believer" which means: مومن (based on my common knowledge).

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