Today my friends asked me if I could say "I swear in God I will say the truth" so said that. Then they asked me a question. However, if I answered this question a lot of my friends will be in trouble, so I answered the question except a small part, which was a lie to prevent problems. I need to know if I have done a sin and if so, what do I do?


1. If you are forced to take an oath, your oath is not in order.

2. Oath taken for performing Haram (Forbidden) and even Makruh (Non-recommended) acts is not in order.

3. Oath taken for abandoning Wahjib (Obligatory) and Mustahab (Recommended) acts is not in order.

4. Oath taken for performing normal acts whose performance is not deemed to be better in the estimation of people, will not be in order.

5. Oath taken for abandoning normal acts whose abandonment is not considered to be better in the view of people, will not be in order.

6. If you break an oath intentionally, you are obliged to give Kaffarah which is liberating a servant or feeding fully ten indigent persons or providing them with clothes.

7. If you cannot afford to carry out these three tasks, you have to fast for three consecutive days.

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    Plz feel free 2 provide some ref.s 4 ur ans. – servant-of-Wiser May 27 '15 at 10:29

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