Sometime back I got a message from Google which is below "You have personally selected to participate in our 2015 Annual Visitor Survey! Finish our quick 30-second survey, and to say "Thank You", we will give you a prize worth Rs 50,000!"

My question is if I do survey and I won will it Halal for me?

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    First of all, this is most likely a scam. As far as I know, google offers so such thing. If you google "Annual Visitor Survey Google" you get a bunch listings on the scam, viruses and malware. If I were you, I wouldn't attempt this. Do you really think Google will give you 50,000 Rs for 30 seconds? No. As far as the concept being halal. Sure it is. Why wouldn't it be? – user921 May 15 '15 at 15:38

It's a scam.

To check if this is has any relation to Google or not, type into Google "2015 Annual Visitor Survey". Unsurprisingly, we find that this is a scam. This particular scam is described in various forms at e.g. Fake Google Chrome Questionnaire - "2015 Annual Visitor Survey" and Malware Tips describes how to remove this:

If you are seeing random pop-up ads from 2015 Annual Visitor Survey within Internet Explorer, Firefox and Google Chrome, then your computer is infected with an adware or a potentially unwanted program.

Participating in surveys with rewards.

(This part of the question is a partial duplicate of Are competitions haram?.)

Since it's a scam, we can't be sure about the tricks the scammers might use; they might deceive you into doing something haram. However, suppose it weren't a scam (it is, but just hypothetically).

The only problem would be if it were a form of gambling, but this doesn't apply since there's no entry fee. Islam Q&A said this would be permissible.

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