Can I play for a soccer club that is very near my home, as I can't go any further? But this club is called Saint Paul, and the soccer club is kind of religious to Christianity?

  • the soccer club is kind of religious to Christianity can you elaborate more on that? I know many Christian organization (like the YMCA for example) that doesn't really have anything to do with forcing people to study certain things.
    – user12537
    May 15 '15 at 21:44

As long as you don't stray off the path, there should be no problem with it. It's a soccer club, so I doubt that they will force you to go to church on Sundays. If you are worried about it, find another club.


Generally, working is not considered as a negative practice, unless in some items such as:

  • The act would create the field of sins or immorality …
  • This act makes the Moslems weaker
  • Its benefits go for Kafir-al-Harbi

Of course it could be advised not to live in non-Islamic countries if there is no necessity …

Accordingly, there is no matter if you work there if the above-mentioned items are not related to that.




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