For a commoner, the very next question which comes into mind after this

How does Muslim teaching on the person of Jesus differ from that of Christian teaching?

is, what about those instances where the disciples witnessed Jesus (pbuh) appearing after rising from the tomb - John 20.

What is the Islamic perspective of those events/situations/instances described in John 20? Was that who appeared to them the real Jesus (pbuh) or was it shaitan?

Because Shaitan is very good at deceiving people by appearing in different forms to people. I feel this could be because of John 20:28 where

Thomas said to him, “My Lord and my God!”

(And this is used by today's Christians to prove Jesus was god because he did not say anything when Thomas said so to him or maybe it is not authentic, but plz focus on the bold part)

May the creator guide us all.

  • Btw, now that you've become interested in Biblical studies, I highly recommend you to study the non-canonical Gospel of Barnabas too. I started reading it a few months back and I have finished the first 105 chapters and also the last chapters covering the Passion. Don't be discouraged by Christian articles rushing to claim the book is a forgery before having read the whole thing. The content of the book (Jesus's preachings in particular) sound so uniquely genuine and touching that make it hard to believe that the book has been produced by a dishonest forger.
    – infatuated
    Mar 30, 2015 at 10:57
  • @infatuated I think I found out a straight way out, if you would love u can even try, Words of Jesus (pbuh) filtered.as we prefer. :) Insha Allah, then if time permits, OT, because Christians claim a lot of prophecies being fulfilled, e.g. Isaiah, Psalms etc. Need to make sure, their claims are legit. without getting biased, by NT Apr 3, 2015 at 6:18

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As a general point, Islam and Muslim scholars have generally no stance over the details of Jesus's story beyond what is revealed in the Holy Quran. This includes the details and aftermath of Jesus's arrest (referred to as Passion in Christianity).

However one may still be interested in the Islamic position over particular biblical stories and teachings based on Islamic doctrine. However it is usually difficult if not impossible to determine the position of Islam about particular Biblical teachings because the Bible itself is a very awkward text to deal with for questions of origin, authenticity, faithful historical transmission, problems with translations, interpretations and internal contradictions of the Bible (including the Gospels) make it very difficult to even know what Christianity — by the virtue of its scriptural sources alone and not the official interpretations of the Church — even teaches at all (even on some of the most fundamental official doctrines such as Trinity) to then inquire the position of Islam about them!

Read this feature article by Newsweek which explores some of the difficulties involved with studies for verifiable authentic "Christianity."

But as for your particular example, according to the scholarly authorities that I follow (Shias); Satan, jinns, angels, and souls can all appear to the people under certain circumstances. But not much can be said about the story you quoted without sliding into unprovable speculations and presumptions, except that Prophets never refrain from correcting false beliefs that they encounter with their associates. So according to Islam, if disciple John was found to express such a blasphemy (provided that the quoted piece is authentic or even indicative of the mainstream interpretation espoused by official Christianity) he would have been immediately condemned and corrected by Jesus. Such a misleading silence would have been unfit for a messenger of Allah that should be trusted and referenced as the ultimate guidance for believers.

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    this logic sounds good "So according to Islam, if disciple John ....." Apr 1, 2015 at 21:26
  • but a small inquiry, "Satan, jinns, angels, and souls can all appear to the people under certain circumstances.", plz give me one example of human 'soul' appearing to humans from the scriptures. Apr 3, 2015 at 6:12
  • I'm almost there to accept it Insha Allah, but just waiting to see if you can provide me an example where souls appear to humans. Otherwise remove that Part. May 11, 2015 at 12:33

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