I am not a muslim but I just hope I could get some information here. There is a meme circulating online that president Barack Obama has held a prayer curtain in the White House:

Obama in front of a Muslim Prayer Curtain

Regardless if this is true or not. What is a muslism prayer curtain?

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    Related: snopes.com/politics/obama/photos/ovaloffice.asp; in particular, fwiw, "There is no such thing as a "Muslim prayer curtain," and the patterned drapes shown behind President Obama bear no "Arabic symbols" or other markings of significance. They're simply gold silk lampas curtains that have adorned a wall in the East Room of the White House (a site commonly used for presidential press conferences) through several presidential administrations since the early 1960s."
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Any sort of idol worship is not allowed in Islam. A "prayer curtain" would fall under the same category. All that is required for prayer is wudu (washing oneself before prayer) and a clean place.

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    A source would certainly make this better. +1 in advance.
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There is no such thing as a "Muslim prayer curtain". But some people will believe anything.


There is Islamic prayer rug or sajadah such as this: http://www.amazon.com/Islamic-Prayer-Rug-Muslim-Sajadah/dp/B00MIH4OMS

But prayer curtain?? That thing surely does not exist.

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