Recently there was an episode in India where a cleric declared that Lord Shiva had been a messenger of Allah. How correct is that claim? Is it blasphemy to claim so?

Also, on hearing this, another Muslim office bearer declared that he would give five million dollars to any Muslim who brings him the head of the cleric who had declared the aforesaid. Is this legit and righteous in Islam?

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I get your point. First of all the cleric who gave such statement must bring out proof to validate his statement. If he does not provide a agreeable proof then his statement is nothing but a means to provoke an unwanted division or problems in India. Also if Lord Shiva is a messenger of Allah, this message would have been informed in Quran or Hadith's. As far as I recall there is no message quoting this statement. Hence I would say it is Blasphemy.

On the other hand Declaring a five million $ bounty-I would say I am also getting angry hearing that somebody puts out a statement 'Lord Shiva being messenger of Allah' without any tangible proof. However to declare a bounty for such thing is not the right way of reply. It will create a bad impression on Muslims (Which I think was the point of cleric to declare such statement). We must face him through debate that he is wrong. That is the righteous way of reply. The cleric who gave such statement must be ready to debate with Muslim scholars publicly.

  • BUT, facing in debate is a corrective action. You showed him things, he agreed to you. Does it not stipulate a punitive action under Islam? – Rohit Feb 28 '15 at 6:53
  • Who showed who what? Who agreed what ? I am not getting the picture here. – Dragonborn Mar 2 '15 at 1:16
  • You show him your proof that he is wrong. That is a corrective action. Does blasphemy not call for a punitive action? – Rohit Mar 2 '15 at 6:15

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