Can i write Allah's name simple without diactritics ? -

What are diacritics(Zer zabar pesh) called in Arabic/urdu?

Can any one name the one's used in Allah's name?

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Yes, you can write names of Allah, without diacritics. Diacritics are mostly to help Non-Arabs to read Arabic texts.

Diacritics in Arabic:

Hamza - indicates glottal stop.

Tanwin - plays grammatical role.

Shadda - doubles consonant.

Wasla & Madda - Hamza related, look for Hamza in wikipedia.

Short Alif - Used instead of dropped Alif in writing.

Harakat or Tashkil - Vowel sound indicators.

  • Fatha : /a/

  • Kasra : /i/

  • Damma : /u/

  • Sukun : No vowel sound.

Word "Allah" contains of 4 letters: Alif+Lam+Lam+Ha. The diacritics in standard writing: Fatha on Alif, Shadda on second Lam, and Short Alif on Shadda, and Damma on Ha.


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