Could someone please explain to a Non-Muslim why the depiction of The Prophet Muhammad is so offensive to Muslims? I know it is, I just don't understand why. Also I know when Muslims use his name they say 'Peace be upon him' as a Non-Muslim should I be saying that to? I'm curious as to whether not saying it would cause offence.

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When you say Muslims this is a large group of people- some do not feel offended. Others are with the belief that any depiction of the prophet could lead to people worshipping him as a God which is to be avoided.

As a non-muslim you can say whatever you want; it depends on who you're talking to if they choose to find any offense to it. Muslims are as varied as anyone else.

  • I apologise. I didn't mean to infer that Muslims are a homogeneous group of clones! Perhaps I should have phrased the question differently I am curious as to why those who find the depictions offensive do so. I've been told that it is a teaching of the Islamic Faith and I was curious as to the reasoning behind that, you have partially sated that curiosity by telling me it is to avoid worshipping him as a God, and for that I thank you. – Hellen Baker Jan 11 '15 at 22:10
  • Oh you don't need to apologize its all part of conversation. Why some depictions of the prophet may lead to "violence" as seen on the news recently is something I don't understand myself as a Muslim. There is no religious command to hurt anyone who creates a depiction of the prophet so I do find those reactions as confusing as anyone else. – Shoaib Qadri Jan 12 '15 at 3:36
  • I suspect the motivation is only partially religious. It's mostly a matter of the groups they belong to and their particular psychology. – PointlessSpike Jan 12 '15 at 8:09

As there is no real image of prophet, anyone who draws prophet is not actually drawing him, they are just creating some image and saying it is prophet. This may be reason some Muslims get offended.

Latest cover of charlie hebdo (after the shooting incident) nowhere says it is prophet but media would like to portray it as prophet so they can get more media coverage.

As a non muslim, you need not say 'Peace be upon him'.


Pictures of the prophet or in fact any drawings/paintings etc are not allowed. This is because they may encourage worship of said drawings/pictures.

Although, if you're slightly more moderate in terms of your belief then you would come of the obvious logical conclusion; if you could promise yourself not to worship any painting or drawing then it would be fine to draw as many pictures of the prophet as you want.

  • This doesn't explain why caricatures cause such outrage. These representations aren't even close to being accurate and I doubt anyone even considered worshiping them. I suspect that is more about the insulting aspect. – PointlessSpike Jan 12 '15 at 15:19

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