Asalaam Alaikum brothers, I'm a recently converted Muslim and had a question regarding sex. First, I understand that vaginal sex from behind is allowed, however I am concerned with the stance of the position. Should the female be laying face-down on the bed with the man flat on top of her or should the woman be on her hands and knees in a doggie pose? I ask this brothers because I am concerned with the nature of the doggie style pose, as this allows the man to have a full view of the woman's butt and anus, is such nakedness modest or makruh between a woman and her husband because it seems a little too explicit.

Are other alternatives allowed such as sex from behind whilst standing with the woman against the wall?

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    It sounds like your question is really "Is full nudity between spouses a discouraged thing or not?" If that's the case, please amend your question to focus it better. If you're trolling, it'll get downvoted soon enough then. – Ansari Dec 9 '14 at 23:50

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