Some people believe that you ought to stop you works(acts) whenever you or somebody else sneezes. For instance this matter has mentioned in the following site as well. (www.asriran.com )

(Of course I don’t know how much it is an authentic site. Anyhow I saw this matter in many other sites as well). Anyhow, some people believe that sneezing is the sign of patience and they believe that:

If for instance somebody sneezes, you should stop your works, (you should stop for some moments), then keep on your jobs, otherwise the result of your job will be negative.

I was wondering if it is a truth or this is considered as a superstition?


Plain superstition. No evidence from the Quran and Sunnah to support such case.

However, one of the obligations of the Muslim is to perform Tashmeet (Him/Her saying Alhumiullah الحمد لله, you are saying Yahrhuka Allah يرحمكم الله, and he/she replying Yahdeekom Allah Wayoseleh balkom يهديكم الله ويصلح بالكلم)

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