In accordance with the Hanafi school I want to know about the Friday prayer, that whether it's compulsory to say 10 Rakat Sunnat moqada in the Friday prayers?

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There are two types of sunnat:

  1. Sunnat-e-Moqeda
  2. Sunnat-e-GairMoqeda

Sunnat-e-Moqeda which Mohammed (Sallahu Alaihi wasallam) perform daily, and Sunnat-e-GairMoqeda which he didn't perform at times.

Sunnat-e-Moqeda is we should perform, it's compulsory, as we are followers of Mohammed (Sallahu Alaihi Wasallam).

So we need to perform 10 rakat of Sunnat-e-Moqeda after Namaz-e-Juma.


I read in my Urdu-language guide to Salah that Friday Prayer is thus:

4 Sunnat Moakkadah 2 Faraz 4 Sunnat Moakkadah 2 Sunnat Ghair Moakkadah 2 Nafil

I then confirmed this with my maternal uncle, whose Islamic knowledge is of A-1 grade Insyallah.

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