I am working as a Software Developer in an IT firm. There business is a subscription-based Internet TV service offering Asian movies, TV shows and music videos.

I am developing Softwares for that company. Is it halal for me to work there?

If not should i quit the job right away or should I search for new job while working in the company?

Similarly, what about my wages that I earned until now?


There is no problem with you working there, because you are not sure that the very thing you produce is used for Haram. Therefore, you are free to continue working there. By the way, your earning as of today is all Halal.


Asalamualaikum brother i am glad you have asked this question i have the similar doubt so i asked to aalim of my nearby masjid he said its haram Since although you are helping by working that company who is doing haram so please ask first to the aalim before taking any decissions

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