I know that the rank of "Prophet Mohammad" (s) is higher than Imams and other people, but somebody orally told me that:

the rank of the Imams (I mean 12 Imams of Shiite [Shia]) is spiritually higher than the rank of all the prophets other than Prophet Mohammad(s).

So, is there any tradition regarding mentioned issue?

(Note: I am looking for the perspective of Shiite according to the Ahadith)

  • "Other prophets"? I thought Imams weren't prophets. Mar 19 '15 at 20:46

Yes, of course. Actually, the rank of (Shia Islam) Imams is higher than all prophets (except Prophet Mohammad [peace be upon him and his family]).

More explanation:

It has been stated in our religious teachings that all prophets and messengers have no advantage and virtue over the imams, other than the fact that they bear prophethood, while the imams are the bearers of whatever knowledge all of the prophets before them ever possessed. Also, according to hadiths, “The Great Name” of Allah (swt) consists of seventy three “letters” in which the prophets only knew a few of; even Prophet Ibrahim (pbuh) only knew eight of those “letters”, while Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was aware of all but one of them and passed on this knowledge to the imams (as) after him.

To read the complete illustration, you can refer to the source of the answer, as following:


Is the rank of Imams (spiritually) higher than other prophets? (Except for Prophet Mohammad (PBUH)) (Shiite view) Prophets, saints, and Shiite imams have a certain status and the superiority of the Infallible Imam (as) over all the prophets, except the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) can be proved. Here are some of these reasons:

  1. The position of Imamate is superior to the position of prophethood
  2. Imam (AS) is a guide who guides with the matter of the kingdom that he has, and Imamate is inwardly a kind of guardianship that Imam (AS) has in the actions of the people, and his guidance; Like the guidance of the prophets, messengers and believers, it is not just guidance through good advice and preaching, but the guidance of Imam (AS) is to take the hand of the people and lead them to the right path. [3]
  3. Jesus, who is one of the first prophets and has the status of a prophet, will appear at the time of the advent of the Imam of the Age (AS) and will follow him. [4]
  4. All the tools that the prophets had in their hands; Among other things, the staff of Moses was in the hands of the Shiite Imams and is now in the hands of the Imam of the Age (as). [8]
  5. Everything that the Great Prophet (PBUH) had, the Infallible Imam (AS) also has, unless he is the Imam of the Prophet. The Holy Prophet of Islam (PBUH) addressed Imam Ali (AS): "You see what I see and you hear what I hear, unless you are a prophet." [9] [10] Imam Hassan (AS) says: "None of the predecessors, namely the prophets, Hosea and saints, have surpassed Imam (AS) in any virtue, except by the grace of prophethood." [11] Therefore, just as the Holy Prophet (PBUH) is superior to all the prophets, the infallible Imams (AS) of the Shiites are superior to all the prophets except the Prophet Khatam (PBUH).

. [3]. Hmann, p. 411. [4] . Majlesi, Bihar al-Anwar, translated by Dawani, p. 167, publications of Dar al-Kutub al-Islamiyya, Chap 28, Tehran, 1378 m. [8]. Kulayni, Osoul Kafi, translation, Kamra E, part 2, p. 215, Chap Chaharm, Ansarat Aswa, Qom, 1379 st. [9]. Seyyed Radi, Nahj al-Balagha, sermon 192 (short), [10]. Hassan Zadeh Amoli, Hassan, Insan Kamel Az Didgah Nahj Al-Balagha, p. 80, Chap Dom, Ansarat Qiyam, Qom. [11]. Masoudi, Mourouj al-Dhahab, vol. 1, p. 341.

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