As you can see, there are some logos (slogans) of the word Allah on many things such as flags. For instance there is a slogan of it on the flag of Islamic republic of Iran. I wonder if it is Halal if we touch it without Wudhu (the ablution which is before the prayer or for doing some Mustahab (recommended) acts))?

Note: I am looking for Shia view

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According to Grand Ayatullah Khamenei (آیه الله خامنئی):

In accordance with the precaution (الاحتیاط) it is better that you observe the rulings ( احکام) which are related to the word “Allah” as well.

Since according to the view of many Shiite Maraje’-al-Taqlid, it is considered as a Haram/forbidden act if you touch the names of Allah without Wudu. So, you’d better to observe it for other things such as the logo of the flags as well.


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