I know that majority of Shia Marja’al-Taqlid considered it as a permissible issue for women to stand as the Imam-al-Jama’ah for women. (Not for men)/www.islamquest.net

But I’d like to know if it is possible for a woman to be Imam al-Jama’a? ( for wajib prayer(Salat))

Note: I am looking for the viewpoint of Sunni brothers.

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The majority allow it. There of the four schools, Shafi, Hanafi and Hanabils allow a woman to lead a woman only congregations. The Hanafi consider it Makrooh. The Malikis say it is not allowed.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Women_as_imams#Women-only_congregations

This link to an Arabic Fatwa by the General Authority of Islamic Affairs & Endowments in the UAE with the same answer:


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