On judgement day, when Allah judges you, is it just between you and Him, or will He expose and judge your sins in front of everyone?

  • For believers there may be a vail, I'll do research and find out!
    – Aboudi
    Sep 24 '14 at 16:53

It could be surveyed from two different angles. Firstly on judgment day, one group of people will be judged in front of other people. Secondly the other group will be covered.

Briefly speaking, it depends upon the person who would be judged by Allah and in fact it depends upon his/her deeds. For instance a bad person who has done plenty of Haram acts, probably Allah will judge him in front of other people (as a negative effect of his negative deeds)

The other group of people who are considered as good people, hence Allah will judge them in front of other people. (if Allah wants) (as a face-saving). Totally, we can not give an specific response, since it could be related to the deeds of people, and if will Allah intends to save their face or not.

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